Great Home Baked Cakes Delivered to your Doorstep

FloraPetals - Home Baked Cake & Confectionery service provider that works with the best home bakers in the city to make it easy for anyone to order great home made Cakes, Brownies & Chocolates. We do this first by carefully selecting our HomeChefs based on the quality of their food and their love for baking. Then, we find great local delivery channel to partner with. Finally, we provide an end to end experience that makes it easy, fun, & local for lovers of home cooked foods & Confectionery to order these great treats.

Our Chefs – All of our HomeChefs are independent home based business owners. When you order on FloraPetals you are ordering directly from the HomeChef. Each HomeChef will be the only person to prepare your food from the time the order is placed until the final product is boxed and then dropped off by local food delivery service.

Lovers of Home Cooked Food – We all love home cooked food and we love it even more when it’s good. FloraPetals, our HomeChefs, & our delivery partners all work together to make the experience of ordering and delivering your food, fun and easy. Everyone now has the chance to get a taste of the best of home cooking. Enjoy!